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Bring a smile to the children of Sari village, Uttarakhand

Bring a smile to the children of Sari village, Uttarakhand

25 September 2017
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We need your help to fund  the rebuilding of the GOVT. PRIMARY SCHOOL, SARI, Uttarkahand, India and make schooling safer and possible for the children of this school.
GOVT. PRIMARY SCHOOL, SARI, Uttarkahand, India  was built 70 years ago in 1947 and caters to the to the basic elementary education requirements of the children of Sari and nearby mountain villages. Sari is a remote village perched in the mountain district of Rudraprayag at the height of 6554 feet.

The school currently provides elementary education for 60 children from Grades 1 to 5. The attendance to this school is exemplary relative to the other elementary schools in the vicinity have only around 20 -25 students.The school can accomodate more children if only the school had infrastructure for the same.

The school has two buildings.  The older building is 70 years old and is in a state of total disuse with cracked walls, unsound structural supports, and a roofing of precarious stone slate. In an earthquake-prone zone, this presents a major hazard to the children who study at this school and hence the classes are conducted outside in the courtyard of the building despite the inclement winter weather of the mountains. There are only two teachers who manage the classes for all the grades. The library is non-existent (few books kept in a box) and teaching aids minimal. Perhaps the most glaring omission is the absence of benches and desks – students sit on the floor and learn in the harsh Himalayan weather.T his is a school which could use assistance in every way and this will also enable more children in the neighbourhood to have the opportunity for schooling.
How can you help?
Contribute towards making this school a safer place for the kids. Make the kids at Sari village smile…
This project by Team2Help is in an endeavor to improve the infrastructure in the school for these children.
Phase 1
·       Buy benches and desks for the school-  $2300
·       Buy teaching aid and books for the children-– $200
Phase 2 -( is Coming soon) - Make the school safer by fixing the roof. Stay Tuned!