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Fundrising for Blind School - Bobbili, INDIA

Fundrising for Blind School - Bobbili, INDIA

06 November 2017
1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM
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Asian Aid’s School for the Blind was founded in 2004 in Bobbili, India by Asian Aid. . Before this campus was built, the student slept and studied in the same small room in a rented building. Their personal belongings were carted in and out of their dorm/classroom on a daily basis. The kitchen was the size of a closet and meals were consumed as the children sat on the floor. Sadly the rental also left no outdoor space for the kids to run and play. Today the Blind School has over 150 students who have access to a computer lab with programs created specifically for the blind as well as a braille printer. The school also includes boys and girls dormitories, staff housing and offices, offices, kitchen and cafeteria, multipurpose room, library, and guest housing.