ByLaws of team2help

All money accumulated in the Foundation will be used to enrich the curriculum and provide for other needs to improve the quality of learning so every student can reach his or her potential. However, the Team2help of Education is the responsible overseer of public education in the community. As such, both entities will work cooperatively.

The goals of the Team2help Education Foundation shall include but not be limited to the following:


  •  To serve as a community wide vehicle for education and academic awareness;
  •  To encourage teachers, staff, and students through mini grants and or matching
    programs to seek classroom solutions and enrich curriculum through innovation,
    research, professional growth, and supporting materials;
  • To seed new ideas and approaches to teaching that support a sense of community with
    staff and demonstrate potential widespread application across the school system;
  • To provide a vehicle for the Westfall Local Schools residents and other contributors to
    give money to support long-term capital, building, facility, and equipment needs;
  • To support programs to encourage and increase the involvement of parents and
    community members in the Westfall Local Schools.
  • To endow selected special programs and or district initiatives outside of the realm of
    normal funding such as school trips, enrichment programs, fine arts programming or
    summer programming;
  •  To endow opportunities for professional development activities for teachers and other
  • To develop service learning opportunities to encourage and increase involvement of
    students in the Westfall Local Schools;
  •  To endow and administer scholarship awards for graduating seniors and other students.